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you don’t need a codex. you need more bourbon in your coffee.  S T A T !


[ all beer n’ skittles ]

just because life isn’t ALL beer n’ skittles, doesn’t mean it’s not in part beer and skittles. these are things that tickle me. for example, here is a list of other websites Belle likes:

ABE Books     The Austin Chronicle     The Atlantic

The Awl     Burka Blog     Burnt Orange Report     Campaign Sick     The Diagram

Drunk in a Midnight Choir     Eleven Eleven     FiveThirtyEight     Graywolf Press

Harriet the Blog     IFLScience     Juanita Jean     Kerrville Folk Festival     KUT / KUTX

Letters From Texas     Muzzle Magazine     [PANK]     Radio Lab     Rewire     Salon (politics)

Scott Woods Makes Lists     Shit John Aeilli Says     Star Talk Radio     The Texas Observer

The Texas Standard     The Texas Tribune     Travis County Democratic Party

Trump Leaks     Vox     Wait, but why?     Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!     Wonkette


[ follow detour ]

for most people, nominations for “Theme of 2016” include:

When is this election over?         Democracy on Drugs: Revenge of the Brown Acid

Orange is the new fail          Year of the FACEPALM         Send in the clowns…

Snooze Button, you’re my only friend!        2016, you’re drunk. go home.

Heart Attack On A Stick & Other Ways To Die          Oh, FFS!

Please, please, please don’t die on us, Betty White!


photo by Cyril Helnwein

this is a place to get away from all that noise*.

*may include other unpleasantries.


[ the forced simile ]

you may have noticed that Belle’s author is a woman of the Democratic Party persuasion. therefore, even though vaginas are myths, she’ll talk about them like they’re not. if she goes on too long, throw this at her:


[ when ignition fails ] tbt_txcap5

these post’s are mostly about how Belle would appreciate the Texas Legislature learning to fail better.

occasionally, it’ll be about other people are failing down on the job.

the following links will be helpful:

Legislative Budget Board          Texas Legislature Online         Texas Legislative Council

Texas Senate          Texas House of Representatives          Texas Constitution and Statutes