is that Jesus in your shot or are you just happy to grift me? (a tale of fees)

when most people think of TX Ag Commissioner Sid Miller Mad Hatter they think of Trump on a Jesus shot with an office full of carcasses and a 50 gallon hat. some may even comment on his authorship of the Texas sonogram which requires the doctor to shove a wand in your yoni to, ya know,… Continue reading is that Jesus in your shot or are you just happy to grift me? (a tale of fees)


programming note

Belle's author has been moving and the session started. Belle would like to post every day, but when Belle's author gets home and reads what's been going on outside the Pink Dome she becomes convinced that the legislative hearings this year are nothing but theatre. not theatre with a back room where things get done--fucking… Continue reading programming note

re: The Uncollected Works of R. Zimmerman

you went to school. you went to graduate school. you talked about James Tate for 2 hours which everyone hated, but you all read it anyway. you negotiated the politics of intersectionality, the politics of prosody, the politics of punctuation. you know that punctuation can be political. yes, every pixel: political. you choose to only… Continue reading re: The Uncollected Works of R. Zimmerman