programming note

Belle's author has been moving and the session started. Belle would like to post every day, but when Belle's author gets home and reads what's been going on outside the Pink Dome she becomes convinced that the legislative hearings this year are nothing but theatre. not theatre with a back room where things get done--fucking… Continue reading programming note


TX Sen Fi Digest 1/23/17

things the Texas Legislature is obligated to do: pass a budget.      and they get paid $7,200 each to do it--everything else is window dressing. sure, some people will tell you that legislative budget hearings are boring--those people are wrong. but they have the right to be wrong, we have a whole amendment for them… Continue reading TX Sen Fi Digest 1/23/17

House Committee on Messing with Dan Patrick

in a normal world the 5th hour into a 9 hour house hearing--any 9 hour house hearing--finds you dusting your keyboard with Cheeto crumbs and wondering where all the Tylenol disappeared to. you don't remember buying Cheetos--you don't even like Cheetos. but you will conquer this bag of Cheetos and origami its aluminum laminated with polypropylene husk into a hat. you're sure… Continue reading House Committee on Messing with Dan Patrick