“This proposal met with general applause, until an old mouse got up and said: ‘That is all very well, but who is to bell the Cat?’.” ~ Aesop’s Fables, 6th Century

“I sees a kinder pigeon-hole cut in the side of a house, and over the hole, in big writin’, ‘Blind Tiger, ten cents a sight.’…That ‘blind tiger’ was an arrangement to evade the law, which won’t let ’em sell licker there, except by the gallon.” ~ Spirit of the Times, May 1857


welcome to the the brain splatter of an Amphibrach. much of it is her opinion on committee hearings under the Pink Dome. however, her thoughts may become entangled with other beautiful distractions because her synapses tend to spend more time on metaphor than tying their shoes. will there be poetry? duh. will there be cute animals? when you’re talking about Calliope Jane and Cary Cary! (also ones not Panika’s own, but don’t tell them that.) will it be all beer n’ skittles sometimes? OF COURSE! but not all the subjects of this blog make good cocktail ingredients or “clearly you’re not a golfer” gear. DO NOT put Belle’s favorite folk musicians in a blender. DO NOT try to use a kinkajou as a bowling ball. 

regarding #TXlege posts: she will not be repeating things she overheard in the elevators. (you could follow Secret Capitol.) she will not be following around legislators with her cellphone camera because, even if she weren’t a bit of a luddite, it is creepy and she has no time for that. generally, if something is not on a video available through either House or Senate Media Services or a respected media outlet, she probably won’t be talking about it. bless. your. heart.

Panika M. C. Dillon is from Fairbanks, AK and Austin, TX. she received her MFA in creative-writing poetry from Sarah Lawrence College. her work has appeared in Heavy Feather Review, Poets&Artists, Copper Nickel, The Diagram and others. she works as a 10665344_541410442658737_8598586510622654737_n
political organizer and legislative reporter in Central Texas and aspires to live in a tiny library.