towel watch 2016 part 1

you may think it would be difficult for Belle to pick who is hands down THE WORST among the boogers that consistently get elected in TX. but, now that Kyle Janek has been disposed of, it’s OMG Kenny, could you not make headlines for a week?! it’s bad enough that the top law enforcement officer in the state is heading to trial for securities frauding his fellow legislators, but the man just can’t seem to keep his lazy eye off my radar for more than 2 minutes so I can refill my coffee.

Belle doesn’t even know where to start with him because he’s just so skeazy. just a few days ago he took to the Tweeters to lecture constitutional law professor on what the US Constitution has to say about where we pee.

sorry, jackass. still nothing about the who, what, when, where, why and how of tinkles and boom booms in there.

but let’s just focus today on Paxton’s new favorite hobby: attacking local governments. I can only assume that he thinks his staff has time for this bullshit because he freed them up from defending the TEC from the geniuses at Empower Texans who can’t seem to understand that the difference between talking to their elected officials as a private citizen and lobbying is that when you’re getting paid by someone else to do it, you need to register and pay your fees. (sorry, douche weasels. if MQS wants the legislators hear what he has to say without paying for it, he needs to get his happy ass down to the Pink Dome.) and, yes, the TEC has told Paxton that accepting gifts from out of state for his legal defense is not kosher (nor is accepting donations from companies that one’s office is investigating in Belle’s opinion), but that is no excuse for dereliction of duty.

and it’s not like the OAG has nothing better to do than sue local governments what have the gall to think they can do anything at all. one of the main things it does is enforce child support directives which is such a large task in a state with the sizable population Texas does that makes up more than half of the office’s $6 million budget. yes, they have thousands of FTEs, but that doesn’t explain the number of fights he’s picking.

suing Austin would be obvious as Austin bashing is a time honored tradition in our state government, so it’s no surprise that he’s sued us on every topic imaginable–from forcing us to allow guns in City Hall to taking issue with our short-term rental regulations to taking a dump on our firefighters (which one would not recommend to someone who’s pants are so consistently on fire that his house may catch). so it’s a bit of a shock that when shopping around for a bag ban to tackle he didn’t pick ours as it is one of the most stringent in the country. instead he went after Brownsville.

I guess he couldn’t well go after Ft. Stockton again because Re-elect AG Ken Paxton: Strangle dem steersjust doesn’t roll off the tongue. besides, picking on the border towns is almost as fun as picking on Austin. so after a favorable ruling from the 4th COA on the Laredo bag ban asserting that preventing litter fell under “management of solid waste” which meant it was in violation of Section 361.0961 of the Health and Safety Code, he decided to go after Brownsville for “imposing an illegal sales tax“. Belle would like to know if his penchant for suing border towns has anything to do with those areas having lower budgets.

whether all of this is “artful distraction” or just plain mean is debatable. Belle thinks it’s a bad idea to stay in the press where most articles often references that AG Paxton has his own legal woes. and this thing is getting to be a lot more like South Park than a state government.












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