don’t call us Tejas, we are not friends.

the debate, oh the debate. that glorious treasure trove of a debate. everyone is talking about it and since Belle didn’t post about the previous two or the VP one, let’s gab. what can we say that is not being said by everyone else on the planet? we could talk about how Trump es muy malo para Tejas!



• there’s bizarre claim that the 2nd Amendment is “under absolute siege” and if HRC is elected she will “make a very, very small replica of it” and also “it is under such trauma”. given that words tend not to have the ability to develop psychoses–Belle didn’t know one could traumatize them. but if anyone needs a very very small replica of it, it’s probably someone with wee hands. assuming the 2nd Amendment is animate and given the passage of SB11 and HB910, it would appear that the 2nd Amendment is alive and well and terrorizing university students and Krogers shoppers equally.

• SCOT Chief Justice Don Willett was floated as one of those 20 possible SCOTUS appointees by the short fingered vulgarian back in May and, so far as Belle knows, Justice Willett has never warmed to his party’s nominee nor has he been removed from the list. what did the tweetingest justice around have to say about the debate last night?

think Trumplethinskin will demand an apology? something tells Belle that Justice Willett feels about as confident about his party’s nominee to uphold the US Constitution as these conservative legal scholars–which is to say Danger, Will Robinson! and would offer to shove his foot up the tangerine one’s ass well before ever considering an apology. it’s also worth mentioning that OF COURSE SCOTUS chooses its cases because hearing 10 thousand cases a year would be insanity.

10336612_558408670958914_5684467123117650822_n• oh, great. a conversation about Roe v. Wade and TRAP laws. ain’t nothin’ more Texan than that because Roe was a case that began in TX and TX HB2 is still half on the books (the 20 week ban and RU486 provisions are still in effect, though the FDA updating their recommendations on RU486 did help). set aside that the TMA and THA both oppose the 20 week ban and that the sonogram law passed in 2011 has absolutely nothing to do with protecting the life and health of the mother and turn to the Book of Defunding PP. recent efforts by DSHS banned PP from participating in the HIV screening, prevention and treatment program and there have been a total of ZERO HIV screening tests performed in TX’s most populous county. something about that just doesn’t strike Belle as pro-life!


the border

• does Belle really need to go over how, no, the ICE and Border Patrol–which TX has a lot of–did not endorse him and how it would be illegal if they did?

• you’ve got to love it how when deciding to talk about people who have a problem with illegal immigration over the US-Mexico border, Sniffles went with NH and it’s opioid problem–a problem which is directly linked to the over-prescription of Schedule II painkillers and not heroin trafficking–which both reside 2,200 miles NNE as the buzzard barfs. even in the cases where NH opiate addicts are using heroin, the substance generally enters the North East through its ports rather than on any of the ground trafficking routes over our Southern Border.

• there’s an enormous difference between targeted fencing and a stupid wall “with a big beautiful door in it” which will cost the country at least $25 billion just to build and only business to be boomin’ for the makers of 35 foot ladders. even with targeted fencing, there’s only two reasons to do it and neither have anything whatsoever to do with preventing people from crossing. the first is fever ticks–during the 2011-2014 drought there were a lot of ranchers all over TX abandoning their livestock and the border was no different. ranchers on both sides of the border were letting out their livestock and leaving which resulted in maverick steer all over the place exchanging their parasites. a little bit of fencing does go a long way to prevent that and I’m pretty sure the ranchers would prefer to spend a little less on dips. the second is chronic wasting disease which no one knows that much about, cause deer species to literally waste away and came into TX on a herd of mule deer from NM and whose territory also includes Mexico. so: hide yr does! hide yr fawns!


side bar: this has nothing to do with TX, but Putin called Trumple fucking neon not smart as “brilliant” being used to refer to intelligence is idiomatic–something that doesn’t necessarily cross language barriers.


National DEBiT Card

• “balanced budgets” are delivered via Pony Express and are infused with akarso extract and phoenix piss. not only would making the federal government balance it’s budget bar TX from balancing its budget–the State of Texas does not have a balanced budget in the first place. in fact, the debt per capita without adding in local debt was $13,083 as of 2 years ago.

“It’s interesting to me over the last 10 years to see people out their thumping their chests about how we haven’t raised taxes in the State of Texas. No, we haven’t raised taxes. We’ve doubled our state’s debt over the past 10 years which is a tax on future generations. ~ We’ve doubled the state’s debt, we’ve raised every fee in this state. So to run around saying we balanced our budgets over the last 10 years is just false. We haven’t.” ~State Sen. Kevin Eltife (R-Tyler) 2/04/15 9:18 am


manufacturing jobs

• loosening regulations is not only not a magic bullet for TX manufacturing. it ain’t. it’s as useless as lookin’ up a dead horse’s ass. according to the Dallas Fed, the thing that’s dragging that sector is the price of oil and if the angry creamsicle is as good at negotiating with OPEC as he is at negotiating with Mexico, manufacturing in TX may go the way of the dodo.


let’s talk about Trump U.

because a lot of Texans got trumped in the ass on that one! long story short: the TX OAG’s Consumer Protection Division began an investigation into the “school” in the fall of 2009 and was ready to file in May of 2010. they recommended as a settlement option that the entity pay back Texans who had attended the seminars $2.6 million and give the state an additional $2.8 million for being shitheads. then AG Abbott denied both the request to file charges and the settlement option, instead getting Trump U. to agree to not let the door hit it where the good lord split it. when Abbott filed to run for governor, guess which decomposing jackolantern handed over a $35 thousand check? if you guessed something that rhymes with “Ronald Plump” winner, winner, chicken dinner! but you don’t have to take Belle’s word for it, here’s former deputy chief of the division, John Owens recounting the nightmare:




finally, and again, and again, the exploding premiums claim about Obamacare: that doesn’t have anything to do with Obamacare being bad, it has to do with our 1115 waiver and the likelihood that it will be significantly reduced soon because we continue to refuse to expand Medicaid. how does Belle know this? just ask FL.

until next time: vaya con dios, mal hombres!


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