a little bit nerves of steel.

by now you’ve been clued into the fact that the ludicrous tangerine ballbag is recruiting poll watchers. so what’s the probability of your polling place looking less like a library and more like this on E-day? according to Vox’s Dara Lind we might be in danger–especially if Trump loses. Mother Jones Patrick G. Lee provided a more sober view: it depends on your state’s rules, but it will make the lines longer. (glad Belle doesn’t live in PA!)

Belle’s more than encouraged by the evidence of illiteracy in the Drumpf Camp and doubts they have read the rules here in TX, or anywhere else for that matter. let’s review what poll watchers in my state of residence can do and when you should call the police:

  1. a poll watcher is someone appointed by another entity to watch the polls and they’re going to need to show some ID–a certificate of appointment from whichever entity they are acting on behalf and the precinct number where they have been appointed by that entity to watch the polls. who can appoint Trumpette’s to watch the polls in TX? so far as I know, only Dannie Goeb, Trumple or Conway… maybe Bannon, but that depends on what in gourd’s name a “campaign CEO” is.
  2. poll watchers must be a resident of the county which they intend to watch the polls in–so Trumpettes from Wacko can’t go intimidate folks in Killeen. they also can’t serve if they were convicted of assaulting a protester outside a Trumple rally or any other criminal conduct related to the election. and they can’t be a candidate themselves. not even if their name is Robert Morrow.
  3. poll watchers are going to have to disable their cell phones. too bad, so sad. no Angry Birds while poll watchin’. and they can’t even talk amongst themselves. SAD! I don’t know what a poll watcher does all day if they don’t have a book, but I don’t think they’ll last that long–especially since they’ll have to sign an affidavit–for which they may have to provide additional ID.
  4. poll watchers don’t decide if a form of ID is acceptable, that’s up to the election judge. and if the person says they have a reasonable impediment to having a photo ID and signs the reasonable impediment declaration, no one can question their reasonable impediment–least of all a poll watcher.
  5. no matter what these kids say, they can’t stand behind the voters. True the Vote tried that. still illegal! that’s pretty much why they have to wear a name tag with their name the organization they were appointed by–it might have rainbows and unicorns on it (last 12 minutes). they’re also not allowed to give voters the good news or tell their buddies who to harass. they can’t make a McDonald’s run either without the presiding judge’s permission or before 5 hours has passed.
  6. they pretty much sit there and watch for all the things that they’d like to do at the polls which are illegal including, but not limited to: wearing #MAGA gear withing 100 ft of the polls, hanging up signs, blasting Ted Nugent in the parking lot, coercing or intimidating voters, telling on non-Trumpette voters, harassing the poll workers, breaking stuff, filming people on their SMRT phones or otherwise interfering. they’re going to be pissed when they find out they’re supposed to be stopping that stuff, not doing it. they even have to abide by provisions which allow people who “can’t speak American” to vote. NO FAIR!
    so, there you have it. Belle suspects the jails will be getting awfully full on E-day which means that the most likely people to start a riot are no threat at all.

what say you, Cafe Amphibrach?

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