I am skeptical of insurance committees

not everyone is going to understand everything all the time. I’m trying to believe that is the case here. but the fact that I can’t seem to follow policy discussions on insurance irks me. when AIG testifies, it scares me.

here’s what I managed to understand from today’s discussion in the House Insurance Committee:

reinsurance is an insurance policy that an insurance company buys in case there is a confluence of events and they don’t have enough money to cover it, so their insurance policy supplements them.

most reinsurance policies require the insurance company to post 100% of the assets they intend to have insured, but some people want the posting rule to be on a scale between 20% and 100%.

AIG really likes that idea a lot.


Texas Windstorm Insurance Association policies are for wind and hail damage. they are single payer, but we can’t have single payer health insurance.


and that’s it.


what say you, Cafe Amphibrach?

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