things I’d rather talk about than Donald Trump #15

how is this guy still in ONE piece

remember a week or so ago when that SUV somehow ended up hanging off a parking garage in Austin?

now he’s speaking up. and he still can’t really say how this happened.


the Lasso of TWO

DC Comic’s Greg Rucka has confirmed that Wonder Woman is queer. there has apparently been questions about this for a while because she has heterosexual relationships, but was raised by the Amazons who we all know were lezbosexians–even though they had no concept of sexual orientation, at least not according to the DC universe.

so, yes, Wonder Woman is bisexual by virtue of having grown up on a fictional island devoid of men (the real island of Lesbos famously being the home of Sappho, who was also bisexual, and now a hotbed of Greek humanitarians) and then finding out that there were men and they were fun to sexxxy times, too. her favorite position is “tie your partner up with the Lasso of Truth”.

how does one say THREE in popsicl3?

a much better use of the colors black, white and orange: a panda with a popsicle.


if you’re…

…go with both.


what say you, Cafe Amphibrach?

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