why #2 bills that get passed are always shitty

look! it’s some HB 2 protesters! why do they look like they are fighting different things?


because they are. the first is from protests of TX HB 2 (83 – 2) which you may remember as one of the biggest shit TRAP law sandwich ever passed in the summer of 2013. the second is from protests of NC HB 2 (2015-2016 – 2) last April because some of the assembly gets creeped out just thinking about trans-women making BOOM BOOMS next to OUR WIVES AND DAUGHTERS. both are colloquially known as HB2.

in TX, we have successfully had 1/2 of our HB2 struck down by SCOTUS (yet the 20 week ban and RU486 provisions still remain in effect). in NC, they have also been successful in blocking parts of their HB2 because a judge struck down several provisions and then the NC AG refused to defend it.


so why does it always seem like HB2s and SB2s are made of complete horseshit?

when it comes to numbering bills in a state legislature, the first 50-100 bills in each chamber are reserved for bills that chamber’s leader (Speaker in the House, Lite Guv in the Senate for Texans) thinks are important. most legislatures trade off whose name goes on the budget because the budget always pisses a great number people off. the General Appropriations bill for states will always be either HB1 or SB1 (probably with CS in front of it for “committee substitute”). the chamber whose name is not on the budget will give that to their #2 bill. they will do the same thing with the major tax bill–giving it to the chamber which doesn’t have their name on the budget. so you will pretty much never see an HB2 or SB2 passed during a regular session.
the rest of the priority bills vary from chamber to chamber depending on what the head of that body thinks is important. for example, the head of the TX Senate, Lt. Gov. Patrick (nee Goeb) thought open carry (SB11) and guns on college campuses (SB17) were VERY ‘PORTANT, but TX House Speaker Straus had a different idea about priorities, so the companion bills were HB937 and HB910 respectively. these bills will be filed as “shell bills” which just say “this is about X” when filed to be filled in by the Oliver Author & Company later. the author named on these bills is generally the chair of the committee the bill will come out of.


I still don’t get it. why do TX and NC HB2s appear to have had a brain tumor for breakfast?

special sessions, Heather. often a special session is called because something vital didn’t pass during the regular session (redistricting, say; or the budget). the #2 bill may represent a rotting slab of red meat–the biglier and uglier, the better–the governor tosses on the chamber floor to get his/her allies to show up like flies during their summer vacations/campaigns in an effort to assure that the governor preferred version of the #1 bill. when there’s a second special session–as was the case in both NC and TX–there is a higher likelihood that #2 will be some bullshit.




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