I debt-free for the BoBs

can we clear something up on the free college thing? in that there was NEVER A FREE COLLEGE THING. not in HRC’s plan and certainly not in Bernie’s plan.

what you did have was a TUITION-free college plan from Bernie and a DEBT-free college plan from Hillary. this was one of the main things that led me to voting for HRC in the primary: because debt-free beats the shit outta tuition-free.

and it would be nice if BoBs* didn’t remind me so much of Libertarians who give me that face like I just ran over their puppy with a garbage truck because I am not supporting their candidate or their issue…and that is because tuition-free college is, for all intents and purposes, a school voucher program–a thing that PROGRESSIVES very much OPPOSE!

so what’s the diff?

tuition-free takes care of just one of several costs associated with higher education for you, but it is not even close to one of the big ticket items being out-paced by room, board and text-books. if you are a non-traditional student (which is anyone who did not go directly into a 4 year degree program after high school) your costs go up even further with additional remedial courses, transportation and, if you have children, childcare.

the tuition-free plan proposed by Bernie also had no limits which would probably result in more students applying for college and, because it had $ZEROameros$ for higher ed infrastructure you would have more people competing for the exact same number of slots. and then you have the kids in wealthier school districts who get a better education being the majority of people going to college and getting a break for doing so.

not only could tuition-free only cover state institutions without tromping all over the US Constitution, according to St. Bern’s Senate page, the plan only gave money to your state if your state signed on to cover 33% of the cost which means that the red states would be even more fucked than they were before–sounds like Medicaid expansion, but it’s more like Medicaid expansion’s embarrassing 10 year old brother.

debt-free is a more holistic approach–and all you kiddos that moved over to Stein seem to like the word holistic, so let’s give the concept a try.

HRC’s debt-free plan have make public community colleges tuition-free which would allow more people to have lower costs associated with getting their baccalaureate core covered and could probably remain living at home while they did it which would save families money. this would also help all those people who needed remedial courses–which are not just non-traditional students, Texas has a boatload of traditional students who also need them.

debt-free has money for IB, early college high schools and dual credit programs which also saves families money because kids get a head start on college. (if that sounds familiar, it should!)

debt-free would expand the use of Pell Grants to be utilized for room, board and textbooks which is much better for the low income people who qualify for them because it actually addresses the highest costs.

and debt-free would also fund transportation and childcare for non-traditional students which saves people money.

I am OKAY with the HRC plan as it stands as there is a cap to qualify for the tuition-free school so that we don’t bankrupt ourselves or state governments giving wealthy people yet another break, but I liked the original plan first and hope that she will prioritize getting that done.



*aka “the Berned and/or Busted” aka the former “Bernie or Busters” who are still holding out for that FBI indictment aka the ones where I couldn’t quite pinpoint who they were supporting, but it certainly wasn’t Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). obligatory: NOT ALL BERNIE SUPPORTERS.


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