JAR* –  Dannie Goeb says dumb things AGAIN!

this weekend is Tribfest which I cannot afford to go to. and couldn’t attend if I could afford it because: Prima Momma. but it appears that our Lite Guv opened up his mouth and spewed a boatload of bullshit, starting with BLM and DPD. this time in an interview with Ross Ramsay.

here are my responses:


1) Sen. Royce West has been over this with you, Patrick.

2) having 25.6% of all police shootings in our state involve African-Americans is a staggering statistic given that it is more than twice the African-American population in Texas (12.5% according to Census data).

3) we don’t know whether or not we have a history of racial profiling because until 2010, white, black and other were the only options for ethnicity on TXDLs and since there wasn’t any education component to the fiscal note for adding Hispanic as a designation, many Hispanics still have drivers licenses which say they are white. which is completely FUBAR when you remember:

a) this has resulted in the practice of state troopers asking about ethnicity in all interactions which is humiliating for everyone.

b) is why many people think Officer Encinia (the one who arrested Sandra Bland) is white (because that’s what his TXDL says) when he’s actually Hispanic (not just noting his last name, his voter registration records also have him as Hispanic).

c) that our first VP when we were a country was Lorenzo de Zavala–a Tejano–and his name is emblazoned on the State Archives building because he HELPED WRITE THE FUCKING TX CONSTITUTION. 

4) screw school vouchers. just eff ’em in the aye with votes. I remember the time you took the tissues away from the witnesses in a hearing about drop out recoup charters because you “forgot your hanky” and a week later were all stone faced while hearing testimony about physical abuse in Special Education classrooms during discussion of a bill you authored.

5) we pay many agency heads six figure salaries under the auspices that we can recruit better people if we provide higher salaries. this has produced shitty results: you paid TXDoT executives 6 figure salaries and they were still approving toll road projects without consulting with either the lege or the Transportation Commission as statute required them to do until 2 years ago. they even said they “didn’t think the Transportation Commissioner would understand” the projects so they just went ahead with them and now we have an additional $40 billion in debt for these roads. where was your “fiscal responsibility” hiding when that was going on? I, for one, would think that money would be better spent on teachers. 

6) regardless of this, we do need to recruit and retain the best for higher education and the passage of campus carry hasn’t been helpful to doing that. and we have no reason to believe that the additional salaries came from grant programs targeted to assist needy students as part of Filling the Gaps. it’s more likely it came from the $38 million we put aside for recruitment and retention of top-flight professors, you douche nozzel. 

7) I, for one, would much rather read a book about the Blond Boy and Dark Woman than I would like to find out that, you, Dannie Goeb, have said stupid things again which puts our state at:

no wonder Trump named Dan Patrick (nee Dannie Goeb) as his state campaign chairman for TX.

*JAR = Just Another Rant


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